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Honeywell TH9320WF5003 WiFi 9000 Color Touchscreen Thermostat Review

Smart thermostats are great devices that allow you to monitor and control the temperature of your home, even when you are away. One of the first smart thermostats on the market was Nest Learning Thermostat, released in 2011. Thermostats nowadays are usually much better and provide better functionality, but this one was the first that had a significant impact on the market. 

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Best Smart Thermostat for Multiple Zones: Top 4 Recommendations

When moving into a new apartment, there are a few home appliances that you should invest in. We are not only thinking kitchen appliances such as the refrigerator, and stove, but also the essentials for regulating the temperature inside your living space. There is the air conditioner that goes a long way towards cooling down the temperature during the hot summer months.

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