The Ultimate Guide to Robot Vacuums

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The Shark came into my life in December and my life hasn’t been the same since. It always vacuums before I get home and after I go to sleep – dog hair and dirt are no longer my problems. 

Who (or what) is The Shark?

None other than the Shark AV993 IQ Robot Vacuum

Why are robot vacuums becoming so popular? And do you need to get one? They are popular because they are awesome, and yes you do need to get one!

I’ll explain further…

Do You Need a Robot Vacuum?

Probably! It’s going to free up your time, and give you a cleaner house – what’s not to like?

Which one to choose depends on the size and layout of your house, and also what types of floors you have.

The Shark IQ Robot cleans room by room and maps out your home for optimal cleaning. You can schedule your vacuum sessions for whatever times you want throughout your week and then forget about vacuuming (except to empty the dust bin a couple of times a week!)

The Shark IQ can vacuum hard flooring and carpeting, switching from one to the other with ease. 

By having a robot vacuum automated to clean for you, you could save hours a week! Think of all the other things you can accomplish in that time!

Vacuum & Mop

The Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner , sweeps, vacuums and mops (see our review)

The R500+ has had some upgrades. It is Boundary Strip Supported, has 360° Smart Sensor Protection, strong suction, and is super quiet.

This is a great entry level option for anyone interested in trying the world of robot vacuums.

The History of the Robot Vacuum

It might surprise you to know that the first robot vacuum was invented in 1996. It was made in Sweden, and it was called the Trilobite. It wasn’t until 2001 that Dyson made its own version, but they didn’t continue to manufacture it because it was too expensive. 

In 2002, iRobot launched its first Roomba, which really kickstarted the robot vacuum product space

Types of Robot Vacuums

These days there are so many different robot vacuums out there – ranging in price from about $200 to $1000 (and sometimes more) – so how do you know which one is right for your home?

We covered some of the best robot vacuums of 2020, but now it’s 2021. Depending on your budget and just how smart you want your vacuum to be there are choices that have to be made.

Extremely Smart

The iRobot Roomba i3+ vacuums are certainly among the smartest robot vacuums out there. Definitely a “set it and forget it” situation. You can even tell (via Alexa or Google Assistant) your Roomba to go and clean a specific area of your house and it will go and clean that space right then.

The smart mapping technology along with the scheduled cleaning technology allows you to schedule times for the vacuum to clean specific rooms around your house thus keeping them consistently clean.

If you’re looking for a vacuum that you can truly leave to get on with things – this is a great choice. Specifically, for someone who isn’t home a lot or someone who has a very large house and doesn’t have time to vacuum every section of the house daily. 

Moderately Smart

The Shark ION Robot Vacuum AV753 is Wi Fi Connected, runs for 120 minutes before recharge, works with Alexa, and is multi surface cleaning.

As long as you don’t mind emptying it every few days, this is a good option.

With its 90-day money-back guarantee and its 1-year warranty, what do you have to lose? Dirt, dirt is what you have to lose. 

Not smart, but affordable – and pretty good!

The eufy (by Anker) BoostIQ RoboVac 11S – super thin, strong suction, quiet and self charging. Cleans hard floors to medium pile carpets, the Robovac 11S is a decent, cheap option that does the basics. It can get to its charger and charge itself, and you can schedule specific times for it to run.

This is a good entry level robot vacuum – perfect to run in a busy house where you don’t always get time to do a deep clean. Picks up dirt well and is super quiet, but won’t necessarily get every part of your room clean.

Robot Vacuums: What’s the difference?

There aren’t major differences between the countless robot vacuums that are out there. You have the basics that wander around your house, aimlessly vacuuming up anything in their path.

Then, you have the vacuums that have the technology to map your house so they know exactly where they are going and can take directions. Also, the ultimate vacuums can do all of that, plus clean up after themselves. 

Most robot vacuums connect to your WIFI and your other smart home devices so they can be completely hands-free. This is extremely convenient for people with busy schedules. 

To really know what you’re purchasing, be sure to check the online reviews. And make sure to look at the bad reviews! Sure, those could be one-off instances, but if someone’s robot vacuum has vacuumed up their pet’s favorite toy, I would want to know. 

The Ultimate Robot Vacuum

The SAMSUNG Jet Bot+ is a robot vacuum with a cleaning station enabling automatic emptying of the dustbin with better than 99.9% filtering of dust. With Samsung’s app, you can manage the mapping of rooms, and view the history of where it has cleaned, and tell it when to start or stop giving you complete control over your vacuum no matter where you are. 

When at home, you can use Alexa or Google to interact with the Jet Bot.

The Jet Bot can identify the floor type (hard or carpet), and the level of dust, and adjust the suction power applied accordingly. 

All round it’s a pretty sophisticated piece of kit, and with the cleaning station you can leave the vacuuming to the Jet Bot for about a month at a time (it will probably need to be emptied once every 4 -6 weeks), and enjoy your new low effort, clean house.

Robot Vacuum Troubleshooting

Of course, sometimes even your smart devices need a little help. There are a few steps to take if your robot vacuum won’t charge. And if none of those work, there is usually at least a 90-day warranty. And you can always call the support phone number in your owner’s manual.

Flaws of a Robot Vacuum 

What are the flaws of a robot vacuum, you ask? I don’t know, having too clean of a house? Having the extra time for philanthropy? Vacuuming up the end of your favorite blanket because you didn’t put it away… That’s the opposite of the point. 

There are virtually no downsides to having a robot vacuum. 

Make Cleaning Fun and Easy

My robot vacuum saves me a ton of time. I set it up to vacuum twice a day and only have to empty it every couple of days. My floors are always dirt and pet hair-free. 

Check out the rest of our website for all your smart gadget needs. Make your home into a smart home and save yourself time – so that you can get on with things you really want to do!

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