How To Keep Robot Vacuum From Getting Stuck Under Furniture: Home Cleaning Tips

tips on how to keep robot vacuum from getting stuck under furniture

The best thing about technology is that we get first dibs on almost all the innovations designed to make life easier.

For a young professional, a busy homemaker, or any outgoing person for that matter, a robot vacuum cleaner or robovac is a godsend.

But the question of how to keep robot vacuum from getting stuck under furniture remains.

These devices are smart but probably not smart enough to get around the furniture mapping of every house it gets enlisted on.

As a robot vacuum owner, it can be frustrating to tend to a stuck Robovac from time to time.

Hence, we went ahead to give you some valuable tips on how to keep your robot vacuum running smoothly and flawlessly.

How To Keep Robot Vacuum From Getting Stuck Under Furniture

Robovacs getting caught up on furniture is inevitable, but there are methods and tricks to keep this from happening.

Breeze through the expert-recommended tips below and make way to a less stressful Robovac experience.

Wider Dock Room

Just when you thought a robovac’s dock has nothing to do with its functioning, you encounter a couple of hurdles because the robot vacuum’s dock space matters.

A docking station is essential for charging, but most importantly, it serves as the reference point for your device.

You must give your dock at least four feet of space so your device can properly triangulate its position in your area.

Every manufacturer has a recommended space clearance for the dock. There are also different models of robovacs.

You can find robot vacuum units for thick carpets, pet hair, and more.

Another tip would be to avoid placing your docks anywhere near staircases since they can confuse vacuum cleaners.

They also make it hard for the vacuum to move freely.

Clear the Area of Debris and Clutter

While robot vacuums are known to function independently, you have to make adjustments to make them more efficient.

Be proactive and clear the area of debris and clutter. 

That will include regular household items that can get in the way or lodge in your vacuum’s opening.

Watch out for common nuisances like screws, nails, Lego pieces, and other relatively small but sharp objects.

These may lodge in your vacuum and scrape the surface of your floors as your vacuum moves around.

They can also damage the internal vacuum components and may cost you more in the long run.

how to keep robot vacuum from getting stuck under furniture

Elevated Furniture or Furniture Risers

If you really want a smooth sailing vacuum cleaning experience, you can go for elevated furniture.

This will definitely take huge trouble out of your robovac’s routine.

However, if this seems impossible because of already existing furniture, you can always go for furniture risers.

These are easily accessible and available in physical stores and online.

If you are worried about not having your furniture raised to your preferred height, worry no more.

These can typically raise your furniture in increments of three, five, and eight inches.

Some furniture risers can even support up to 1300 pounds of weight.

Improvise With Pool Needles

Many people may find using pool needles to help with this problem.

Though pool needles are typically made for something else, a great hack is to use them to prevent robovacs from getting stuck under couches and furniture.

All you have to do is measure your couch’s length and cut the noodles with the same measurement.

This is to ensure that it can fill the gap between the sofa and the ground.

These are easily found in stores and are usually affordable.

If you cannot afford to buy a furniture riser or elevated furniture, you can quickly buy these as alternatives.

Use Bumper Extenders

If you are looking for other easy and economical options, you can buy bumper extenders.

These are small protruding knobs that you can place on top of your vacuum.

These are typically 14.2mm in height and made with high-quality rubber.

The primary function of putting these on top of your robot vacuum is to give them additional height and to prevent the unit from going through small and narrow areas.

These are also available and used in other gadgets and equipment so consider it a bang for the buck.

Leave the Lights On

There are different types of robot vacuum models, but most of them operate with optical sensors.

These sensors operate at their optimal level with the help of ambient light.

If you leave it working in a dim or a dark area, it will have a hard time processing the structure of the room or space.

The robovac may also have difficulty traversing the area and avoiding obstacles.

Keep Wirings Neat and Organized

Another factor to look out for is the presence of loose wirings around the house.

Since we often use a handful of gadgets and appliances, the robovac may have a hard time going through their wires.

It is essential to know that vacuums can get stuck under furniture, but they can also end being caught up in cables.

Manage Rugs

We can’t deny that rugs play a huge part in improving a space’s overall aesthetics, but it does the opposite for cleaning.

Mats can be made and designed with various materials and layers.

Some may come with tassels, weaved strands, or formed with long fibers.

With this said, we can say that tying, taping, or rolling them and removing them from the area is essential. 

This prevents your robovac from getting tied up and stuck underneath your coach or along the space.

Preventing Your Robovac From Getting Stuck Under Furniture

These are a few examples of how to keep robot vacuum from getting stuck under furniture.

Though a common problem for many, these tips have proven to help prevent it.

If you have been having trouble tending to stuck robot vacuums when cleaning, try one or more of the tips mentioned above.

Who knows?  Those might just be what you need to keep your home clean with you assured with the peace of mind you deserve.

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