How to Empty Roomba: A Quick Guide

how to empty roomba

Wondering how to empty Roomba after multiple cleaning cycles?

Undoubtedly, cleaning Roomba’s bin, loaded with dust and debris, is an unavoidable and daunting task.

No worries, though. We are here to walk you through a detailed method of emptying the bin like a pro.

Moreover, this article will also help you know when to do the cleaning. Read on to find more.

How to Empty Roomba

Since the Roomba is not as big as the usual vacuum cleaner, you have to empty the bin more frequently to keep it clean and fresh.

Additionally, Roomba's manufacturing company, iRobot, has introduced a new series recently. It includes two models: the Premium i7+ and the S series.

All the models of the latest series offer a self-emptying feature. This makes the cleaning process completely automated and highly convenient.

However, if you have a conventional model, you will need to clean it manually.

Roomba Manual Cleaning: A Step-By-Step Guide

While cleaning a Roomba vacuum manually is frustrating, it is not as complicated as it seems. Let’s dive in to find how to empty a Roomba Robot vacuum cleaner.

We talked about various series models to give you a better picture.

1. Roomba Vacuum 400 Series

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Search for the bin release button under the “Clean” button. Press this key and drag it to remove the bin.
  • To remove the debris and dirt build-up, tap the bin against the vacuum’s trash tray.
  • After that, clean the filter section following the filter replacement. Do not forget to check and clean the attached brushes, including the side brush.
  • Reinsert the bin when you are done.

2. Roomba Vacuum 500 and 600 Series

The initial steps to empty and clean the Roomba 500 and 600 series are the same as the 400 series.

However, you need to pay special attention to their care and maintenance because of the following reasons:

  • Both filters and bins are not washable. You should keep them away from water or other liquids, or else, the instrument may get damaged.
  • They have aero-vac bin, a highly advanced cleaning technology. Since it helps in pulling off additional debris, you must clean the brushes effectively.
  • Excessive accumulation of hair can destroy the Roomba’s cleaning feature permanently.

Now, let’s look at the steps to clean the brush:

  • Use brush guard release buttons to remove the brush.
  • Remove the brushes and clean them, including brush bearings and brush caps. Make sure no hair and dirt are on brush bearings.
  • Use the cleaning tool available with the pack. Pull it over the bristle brush to eliminate hair and dust from it.

Precaution: Never use these Roomba series without brush bearings. You must also replace the filters every two months.

3. Roomba Vacuum 700 Series

The Roomba 701 series is almost the same as the 500 and 600 series. However, its cleaning system is more robust, whereas the aerovac bin has a HEPTA filter.

Since the models have extra filters and brushes, they require thorough cleaning.

The cleaning steps are the same, except that they have two full bin sensors (models 770 and above). You can wipe them using melamine foam.

Again, you can damage these models if exposed to water.

how to empty roomba

4. Roomba Vacuum 800 and 900 Series

The robot vacuums from Roomba 800 and 900 series have a little altered mechanism to empty the bin. They have AeroForce Bins that can pack more dirt.

Let’s look at the steps now:

  • Press the bin release button present at the back.
  • Now, shake the bin to remove accumulated debris.
  • You will find a filter door release button on the side of the bin. Grab and lift it to discover a yellow button.
  • Once you press the button, the filter will release.
  • Tap the filter against the trash container, and clear the debris within seconds.

Always wipe the Roomba vacuum bin’s outer and inner sensor using slightly wet melamine foam, like a magic eraser.

Make sure to clean the filters and full bin sensors daily (or whenever you use it) for optimal performance.

5. Roomba Vacuum e-Series and i-Series

Excess removal of dust is not a hurdle anymore because these models have washable bins.

Keep in mind, though, that the bin is not dishwasher-safe. Therefore, wash it by hand only using warm water.

Do not wash filters with water since they do not support any contact liquid. Also, dry the bin properly before fitting the filter back.

Roomba Automated Emptying and Cleaning

If you hate emptying the Roomba’s bin, we have an excellent solution. iRobot has recently launched the new i7 Series that offers a self-emptying feature.

Yes, you read it right! These robot vacuums can empty themselves without any human assistance. This feature makes them more independent than previous models.

The i7+ model comes with a charging station. It has its own vacuum and a separate container linked to the vacuum’s bin. This bin empties itself whenever it is fully loaded.

Although you have to clean the larger bin, it is not very tiring, and you don’t have to do that frequently.

The larger bin can hold dirt and debris 30 times more than the Roomba’s bin. Therefore, you will need to empty it once a month only.

When Should You Empty the Roomba Bin?

You need to empty the Roomba after every cleaning cycle. This is recommended for all the conventional robot models ranging from 400 series to 900 series.

On the other hand, the Roomba e-series and i-series robot vacuums inform you when the bin has no space and requires cleaning.

The Full Bin Indicator near the “Clean” button does the job. You will notice a light ring near the clean button in Roomba i-Series. It flashes red to indicate the full capacity of the bin.

Similarly, you will find a full bin indicator in the Roomba e-series that acts the same when the bin needs cleaning.


With the advancement in technology, emptying a Roomba vacuum bin is not a challenge anymore.

In fact, we are confident that you now have a detailed answer on how to empty Roomba.

The latest Roomba models have transformed the then troublesome manual cleaning into an automated system.

While Roomba’s self-emptying feature does not come cheap, the benefits definitely outweigh the cost.

Hence, if you have the latest model, don’t worry about the bin being full while you are on vacation. The newest Roomba vacuums will never disappoint you.

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