Coredy R500+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

coredy robot vacuum cleaner review

Quick Overview





  • Has multiple functions
  • Extended run time
  • Comes with a remote control
  • Sleek design


  • Struggles with large debris
  • High maintenance costs
  • Hard to find replacement parts

While we all dream of a dust-free house, only a select few have the time or the energy to make that a reality.

Between work, taking care of the kids, and a hundred other things, we barely have enough left for vacuuming.

Still, this does not mean you have no choice but to suffer from a dirty floor.

This Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner review will show you how technology can keep your floors clean without you lifting a finger.

Coredy Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

Since 2011, Coredy has been among the trusted manufacturers of robot vacuums.

Its research and development team focuses on enhancing user experience by coming up with solutions that won’t break the bank.

Although you will find more popular brands in the industry, Coredy is definitely on the path to becoming one of the best.

Who Is This Product For?

Most Coredy products are designed for specific purposes, including cleaning carpeted floors, bare floors, or wet floors.

The Coredy R500+ is ideal for cleaning pet hair from both bare and carpeted hard floors.

It comes with several helpful features and can perform three functions: sweep, vacuum, and mop.

To get the most value out of every dollar, use this robot vacuum if you live with a pet that sheds fur.

What’s Included?

Like all robot vacuums, this Coredy unit comes with a charging dock and a dust bin.

Every shipment also includes accessories like four side brushes, an extra set of filters, the main brush, and another smaller brush.

There is also one power adapter and remote control with batteries.

Overview of the Features

To make sure we cover every base, this Coredy robot vacuum cleaner review will discuss the most interesting features of the R500+.

There are several aspects of this model that you need to be aware of, which are also what make it stand out from the rest.

You can use this information to guide your decision when choosing a robot vacuum cleaner.

  • Multifunctionality

The Coredy R500+ supports dry sweep, wet-dry mopping, and vacuuming of different surfaces.

A cleaning performance this comprehensive is hard to find in its price range.

Also worth mentioning is the cloth you attach to the main unit, giving the robot vacuum its mopping capability.

This feature is very useful if you have pets or if your home is prone to spills.

  • Multiple Cleaning Modes

This robot vacuum cleaner can easily keep your home clean and dry all by itself.

If you happen to spill your drink while watching TV, you can initiate the Spot Cleaning mode using the remote control.

The brushes on either side of the vacuum can get to the hard-to-reach corners for Edge Cleaning.

What’s more, the Single Room Cleaning mode is perfect for vacuuming specific parts of the house prone to dust.

You can turn on the Max Vacuuming Cleaning mode for particularly dirty floors.

If all of these fails, use the remote control to clean the house the way you want via the Manual Cleaning mode.

With all its cleaning modes, you can come home to a neat and clean house every day with just this one product.

  • Scheduling

One of the coolest features of this robot vacuum is that it allows you to set the cleaning schedule.

Once you have selected a preferred time, it will automatically leave its charging station and get to work.

If you are away from home for days at a time, you will find this very useful.

  • Auto Charging

The automatic charging capability allows this amazing vacuum cleaner to go to its charging station when it starts to run low on energy.

It is one of the many features that give the owner a hands-free experience.

Basically, you won’t have to worry about charging this robot vacuum cleaner manually.

On top of this, pushing the Home button once it is done cleaning sends the vacuum back to its designated location.

  • Extended Battery Life

Aside from having the auto charging feature, the Coredy R500+ features a powerful battery.

At full charge, you can expect it to run for two hours on Normal mode.

It can clean large areas without interruptions, which is crucial if you have a big house.

  • Smart Sensors

The smart sensor technology helps the Coredy vacuum cleaner detect uneven floors to avoid falls.

Plus, there are also bumper rings installed to protect it from impacts.

It is an affordable product, but it is still an investment that you would want to protect. These smart features will help you do it.

How To Get the Most Out of the Coredy R500+

If you are operating the robot vacuum cleaner for the first time, find a good spot for the charging dock.

You will want to set it on a level surface and against a wall to prevent trip hazards.

More importantly, the area two meters in front of it and three meters on either side must be clear for easy access.

Once you’ve picked a spot, plug the charging dock in and wind the excess cord at the bottom.

Next, install the brush on either side of the vacuum by pushing it into the slot until it clicks.

Place the machine on the charging dock, making sure that the charging contacts and the dock are aligned.

Before turning on the R500+, it is best to pick up pieces of clothing, loose paper, and other similar items from the floor.

The robot vacuum cleaner is not designed for large debris, and these objects could intervene with its operation.

Also, it would help if you pull out all cords that might get in the machine’s way.

The cord could get snagged while the vacuum is running and pull down whatever is connected to it, causing damage.

If you are going to vacuum on the second floor, install a physical barrier to ensure safe operation.

Once everything is ready, press the robot vacuum’s power button once to turn it on and another time to start the cleaning cycle.


The Coredy R500+ lacks some of the more advanced features of high-end robot vacuum cleaners.

For example, it doesn’t come with Wi-Fi connectivity nor offer compatibility with Alexa.

If you prefer a vacuum cleaner that has them, check out the more advanced Coredy R750.


As you’ll find in many Coredy robot vacuum cleaner reviews, the R500+ is a reliable machine that offers much value for its price.

It does not have all the bells and whistles that come with high-tier options, but it is worth every penny.

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