Best Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpets: Complete Reviews With Comparisons

best robot vacuum for thick carpet

Carpets are not easy to clean. More often than not, you’ll need the best robot vacuum for thick carpets to get the results you want.

For that, we’ve got your back.

In a world where hands-free operation is possible, the question has to be asked: could it apply to some household chores?

The answer may vary on the task itself.

As far as vacuuming your floor is concerned, the answer is yes. With the right kind of robot vacuum, it can be done.

If you are looking for one that will be reliable and can do a good job keeping your home clean, keep reading.

Comparison Chart

Neato Robotics D7 Robot Vacuum

iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum

Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Shark ION Robot Vacuum R75

GOOVI 1600PA Robotic Vacuum

Best Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpet Reviews

1. Neato Robotics D7 Connected Laser Guided Robot Vacuum

First on the list, we’ll be taking a look at the Neato Robotics D7 Connected Laser Guided Robot Vacuum.

This is probably one of the most impressive models that we’ve seen to date, mainly because it can clean pet hair from your floor.

Unlike most standard vacuums, you won’t see a single strand of it once it does its job.

Product Highlights

So, what makes this one of the best robotic vacuum for thick carpets? It’s for the simple fact that it does what it’s supposed to and more.

Standard vacuums don’t do a good job cleaning up thick carpets (or any kind of carpet, for that matter), but you can be sure that this one does.

Another interesting feature you get from this robot vacuum is that it can work with most smart home hubs.

Whether you own an Alexa, Google Home, or Echo, you can easily pair it to this vacuum and ask it to start cleaning the house. Making your home just a little bit high-tech just got easier.

It truly makes cleaning around the house a lot easier, and we won’t blame you for giving this puppy a whirl.

The cherry on top? It can all be done just by the sound of your voice.

The Good

What we like about the Neato is that it is compatible with most smart home assistant.

Plus, it has a battery life spanning two hours, which is pretty good, considering you won’t be using it a lot.

Another thing we certainly appreciate is the size of the brush. Compared to its competitors, the Neato’s brush is 70% larger.

This explains why it does a better job of removing pet hair than standard vacuums (and even other robot vacuums, as well).

The Bad

Unfortunately, a couple of things didn’t sit well with us about this vacuum.

First, it doesn’t do a good job getting close to the edges and corners. For those reasons, it seems to have missed cleaning some spots.

The other thing is that it could have a hard time finding its way back to the dock. It may be far out of range to the point where it could stop at any random place.

Then, if it stops somewhere in the middle of the hallway, it becomes an unintended tripping hazard.


  • Lengthy battery life
  • Excellent deep cleaning ability
  • Works with plenty of smart home hubs


  • May not get the corners and edges all the time
  • Can have trouble getting back to the dock
  • The app is lacking in features

2. iRobot Roomba 614 Robot Vacuum

Next is the iRobot Roomba. When it comes to the best robot vacuum for thick carpets, you will definitely see iRobot on the list. The question is: does it live up to the hype?

Product Highlights

This robot vacuum has a three-stage cleaning system that does a great job of loosening and lifting dust and debris from the floor.

Every speck of dirt or strand of hair is no match for the suction power that this robot vacuum has. It could be the best robot vacuum for high pile carpets.

This comes with a dirt detector, which focuses on high-traffic areas of your home where dirt will most likely be present.

This includes places like your living room, hallways, and doorways.

It’s a smart cookie and will make sure that every speck of dirt is cleaned up.

It works on both carpets and hardwood floors, making it one of the most versatile robot vacuums you can depend on.

Compare to its direct competitors, this robot vacuum could easily be the one to beat.

If you are looking for reliability and versatility, this just might take the cake (frosting and all).

The Good

There are a couple of good things we like about this vacuum.

First, it has a specialized brush that is situated at a 27-degree angle. This is intended to take care of the edges and corners.

Yes, those hard-to-reach places won’t be so challenging to clean after all, and you won’t see a single spot missed.

Another thing is the running time. At 90 minutes, it can do some serious cleaning on a single charge, which is not bad for a robot vacuum.

The Bad

Vacuums are loud. There’s no questioning that. However, the iRobot Roomba might just be a little too loud to anyone’s liking.

For this reason, it can be annoying to some (and very intimidating for your pets)—no wonder why dogs seem to hate vacuum cleaners.

Another thing we didn’t like was the capacity of the bin. We feel like that it’s a wee bit too small. If anything, it can use a little more room.


  • Gets corners and edges with ease
  • Excellent running time
  • Leaves nothing behind


  • A bit too pricey
  • The bin is too small
  • May have trouble docking

3. Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Up next is the Tesvor Robot Vacuum Cleaner.

Together with Neato and iRobot, this brand is among the leading companies that manufacture premium-quality robot vacuums.

Could this be the best robotic vacuum for thick carpets that your house needs?

Product Highlights

If you are looking for a robot vacuum that will give you the best run time possible on one charge, this is it. It can continuously run for two and a half hours.

On top of that, this vacuum has powerful suction, so you know for a fact that it can get as much dirt, dust, and pet hair as possible.

Watching it in action, there’s no denying that it does its job and does it brilliantly.

Not to be outdone, it can be controlled by either the sound of your own voice or the associated mobile app. You can use your Alexa or Google Assistant to control the vacuum.

The app will be useful whenever you want to schedule a cleaning or set up different cleaning modes and routines.

Simply put, it’s a pretty smart robot vacuum and can get even smarter with the right kind of settings.

It would be a mistake to underestimate this one.

The Good

What can we say that already hasn’t been said?

For one, this robot vacuum is as quiet as a mouse. This means it doesn’t make a lot of noise while it gets the job done.

Another thing is that it has a built-in HEPA filter. It’s perfect for those who have had to deal with allergies on a regular basis.

Also, it has more stamina and power than some of the most popular robot vacuums on the market.

Indeed, this one flies under the radar and doesn’t get the recognition it deserves.

Still, at the end of the day, it’s your decision to choose which robot vacuum works best for you.

The Bad

The app isn’t what it’s cracked up to be. It’s buggy, weak, and could definitely use some improvements.

Also, we noticed that while it does a good job cleaning, it doesn’t have the best sense of direction at times.

It can go all over the place and even return to places it has already cleaned (while possibly neglecting others).


  • Excellent suction power
  • Runs quietly
  • Very long run time


  • The app needs vast improvements
  • Navigation isn’t the best
  • Can miss edges and corners at times

4. Shark ION Robot Vacuum

The Shark ION Robot Vacuum is next on the list. If you are looking for a budget option, this might be your best bet.

So, how well does it do for the price?

Product Highlights

The Shark ION Robot Vacuum works with the sound of your voice using Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

This is the perfect addition to any home, especially if you’re making it a little bit smarter on a budget.

What’s impressive about this is that it’s smart enough to detect stairs and ledges to prevent any kind of collisions.

This has three brush types that get the job done to ensure the best clean possible all throughout your home.

It can clean the floors from end to end and corner to corner, not bad for a robot vacuum priced for the budget shopper.

With the voice and app control, it’s easy to use on your end. Plus, it gets the job done with the right kind of setting.

Lastly, you’d be glad to know that it has been tested for performance, and it passed every test with flying colors.

The Good

What makes the ION Robot Vacuum good? For one, the suction power is pretty reliable. You’ll find that it will more than likely pick everything up in its path.

It’s small in size, but it’s powerful.

In addition, it works smart by detecting dirt, dust, and hair, go to that spot, and then moves on.

If you are somewhat of a neat freak, you might find this little unit the next best thing you purchase yet.

The Bad

What we didn’t like is that even though it does a good job maintaining cleaning patterns, it’s not always consistent.

It can clean much of one room while leaving out another part of it.

Also, the robot might have trouble docking at times.

If it’s within range, it will have no problem, but if it’s farther away, that’s when the real trouble starts.


  • Affordable for most budgets
  • Excellent suction power
  • Cleans dirt and pet hair with ease


  • Erratic cleaning patterns
  • Docking efficiency is lacking
  • No replacement brush roll available

5. GOOVI Robotic Vacuum

For a robot vacuum cleaner that can clean a thick carpet, our last and final option is the Goovi Robotic Vacuum.

This has plenty of suction power, which might just give you more than enough benefits than its counterparts.

What’s more, aside from just carpets, it works well on hardwood floors, too.

Product Highlights

Once this robot vacuum runs through your house, you can expect not a single crumb, strand of hair, or anything else to be left behind.

You get a thorough cleaning thanks to its multiple cleaning modes. You can work with these settings to run the vacuum based on your requirements.

This vacuum is also smart enough to return to the docking station when the battery is about to run out.

It will then recharge itself so that it’s ready for another round of cleaning.

You won’t have to worry about it stopping somewhere in the middle of a hallway and creating a trip hazard.

The Good

The best thing about this vacuum cleaner is its size. It has been sized so that it fits under sofas, beds, and all those hard-to-reach places.

No doubt, it can boldly go where no vacuum has ever gone before.

Another thing that we love is the inclusion of the extra side brushes.

The more brushes you can use to your advantage, the better job it will do in keeping everything clean.

The Bad

One of the things we weren’t happy about was the random patterns it was going in.

Perhaps it’s normal for a vacuum like this, but it can form a bad habit of going over the same spot over and over.


  • Excellent suction powerful
  • Affordable
  • Docks itself when the battery runs low


  • May go in random patterns
  • May find it tough to transition from hardwood to carpets
  • Can miss edges from time to time

Buyer’s Guide

If you’re having a hard time choosing between one of the five robot vacuums above, this brief buyer’s guide will show you what to look for.

It’s important to keep a close eye on the following features.

1. Suction Power

Vacuums with excellent suction power will do a better job at picking up hair, dirt, dust, and small debris.

The term you need to look for is KPA, which is the unit that measures suction.

To note, the higher the KPA, the more powerful the suction.

Ideally, you want a vacuum that is rated anywhere from 8.5 to 16 KPA.

2. Battery Life

Every robot vacuum is battery-operated, so how long it can go on a single charge will be a determining factor.

A vacuum with a longer battery life might be something you need if you live in a house with a large floor area.

It can also come in handy if you plan on cleaning several large rooms, living rooms, master bedrooms, kitchens, and so on.

3. Collection Bin

The larger the collection bin, the more dirt and debris it can store.

Plus, it can be easy for emptying, as well. By rights, you should always empty the bin after each use.

Robot Vacuum for Thick Carpet FAQs

1. Do robot vacuums work on thick carpet?

Contrary to what you might have heard in the past about robot vacuums not working on thick carpets, some of them actually do work.

Prime examples of the best robotic vacuums for thick carpets are the five models listed above.

2. Are robotic vacuums worth it?

Investing in a robot vacuum is worth it if the model you choose is able to meet your needs and preferences.

The best robot vacuum for high pile carpets is out there, but you will need to pay attention to what the customer reviews are saying (along with the features that it has).

Robotic vacuums are worth the investment if you want something that is automated and smart enough to get the job done each time you use it.

3. How long do robot vacuums last?

The average lifespan of a robot vacuum is anywhere between four and six years, though the number may differ depending on some factors.

For example, if it undergoes regular maintenance, it can last within that timeframe or even longer. However, cheaper models can last a shorter period.

4. Does Roomba work on thick carpet?

Most Roombas can work for almost any other carpet. And some of the Roomba models (but not all of them) will work with thick carpets.

While they might be a challenge for them, it comes down to which Roomba model provides more suction power.

Final Verdict

While there are a handful of robot vacuums to choose from, there is only one you’ll need to settle with.

If we had to make a recommendation, the iRobot Roomba would be our top choice. This is because it can get the edges and corners better than standard vacuums.

On top of that, it’s pretty smart to where it can navigate through every room of your house. Lastly, it never leaves any piece of hair, dirt, or dust astray.

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