A Comprehensive List of Smart Home Trends to Look Out for in 2021

smart home trends

With more than 25% of the workforce still working from home, the increase in users for smart home devices has also risen. Whether for the ambient and controllable lighting or adding extra security features through a camera or lock. The increase in demand for this sector has led to innovations that will shape the coming years.

Here are the current smart home trends to look out for in 2021 and beyond.

Smart Lighting

Arguably the most popular of the smart home technology trends, smart lighting has the lowest introductory cost towards automation. You can start with a single WiFi lightbulb that you can connect to your smartphone and control as you see fit.

Smart lighting can get immersive as well. You can buy lightbulbs or strips that change color. In certain cases, you can even have the lighting detect the movie you’re watching so that the colors behind the TV light up to match the scene happening in the movie.

Most smart lighting will be energy efficient. So you’ll be saving money with the less wattage that they use.

The other cost savings will be from not having to worry about if you left the lights on or not. You can simply go into the smart app of the device that you own and switch it off, even if you’re not connected to the same WiFi.

Smart lighting also applies to natural lighting. You can install smart shades and blinds that can open and close with an app on your smartphone or through a home assistant. You can even set routines that allow the shades to open and close as the sun rises and falls.

Smart Thermostat

Another popular smart home tech trend is the upgrades of a normal thermostat to a smart thermostat. People are switching to these thermostats because of their convenience and money-saving aspects.

Like lighting, you can control the thermostat from your phone or home hub. No more getting up and trying to decide what button does what on the thermostat and hoping it works. Simple voice command and the thermostat can change the temp higher or lower or go to a smart mode where it decides the temperature that fits you the best.

You also can ensure that you’re not wasting money when you’re out on vacation and forgot to turn off the AC. Smart thermostats are evolving to detect malfunctions or problems in the air duct, which can then tell you what went wrong and how to fix it.

This can be useful for those that experience high humidity where the AC can freeze over.

Smart TVs

The use of smart TVs has also become common in the household. Even those TVs that are not smart will normally have a function on them that allows the TV to be turned into one through the use of a streaming stick.

Smart TVs come with the benefit of being energy efficient and not worrying about looking for the remote all the time. As long as you have your phone and both devices are hooked up to the same WiFi, you can stream directly to the TV.

For those that are gearing up for a sports party, you can use a voice assistant to make sure you’re on the right station. If you find the TV getting too loud or people complaining that they can’t hear, then you can simply ask the assistant to raise or lower the volume for you.

Home Hubs

Most smart home products won’t realize their potential without the use of a Home Hub. These hubs work as a way to connect all of your devices and doubles as the assistant for the household.

These devices are great for putting in multiple rooms, as they can provide you the assistant capabilities while also working as a decent speaker for music or videos. Keeping one in the kitchen with a screen can be great for preparing new recipes.

Try to get a hub that works well with all devices, rather than being selective. For instance, if you get a smart lock with a doorbell camera, your hub can let you know who’s at the door and you can use the hub to communicate through the camera if the person can come on in, drop off the package, or let them know that you’re not home.

Smart Locks

These home hubs that add security to the home are a reason that smart locks have become more popular. Smart locks allow you to have that peace of mind that your doors are locked at all times.

You have a few different options for smart locks that will appeal to different lifestyles. For instance, if you’re constantly having people in and out of your house and you need someone to watch your pets one weekend while you’re gone. You have the option to send temporary keys or passcodes to that person that only last that weekend.

Those that prefer ease of access can buy smart locks when they detect that you’re near the door. All you have to do is tap the lock with your phone or thumb and it will unlock for you.


While cameras aren’t a new trend, they sure are increasing in popularity. Cameras for the doorbell, garage, or even the outside of the house are a great way to make your home smart while also adding security.

Connecting these cameras to your hub or phone allows you to monitor the house even when your hands are full. The weird nose near the trashcan could be a raccoon, but it is still better to know that rather than worrying about what it could be.

Smart Machines

Smart machines like vacuums, fish tank heaters, and fans are becoming more relevant. Smart vacuums can switch on a certain type of day and get the dirt and dust off your floor that can accumulate from everyday living.

Smart fish tank heaters help regulate the temperature of the water to ensure that your fish thrive.

Fans are bringing more to the table in 2021 as well. With the option to fully control the speed, switch the rotation of the blades, or just turn them on or off at certain points in the day, these fans are no longer the thing that just spins above your head. You can pair smart fans with smart lightbulbs for full control of the machines above you.

Smart Appliances

Smart appliances have also taken strides in 2021. Specifically the use of smart ovens in the household.

Rather than guessing the temperature for certain foods, you can click the specific button on your phone or oven and it will set the temperature and time the food will need to cook. In the instance that you’re busy in another room and need to preheat the over, a simple voice command can have that over preheating.

You also have appliances like coffeemakers or fridges. With coffeemakers, you can choose when the maker starts brewing, as long as you remember to put the grounds in the machine in the first place. You can control the strength of the coffee and how much you want it to pour.

Smart washers and dryers are finding a foothold in households. Once you put the clothes in the wash, your washer can detect the amount of water needed to wash the clothes. This can save water usage and will use the coldest water possible for sustainability purposes.

Smart Home Gyms

Smart home technology trends had to keep up with those that wanted to stay fit while working from home and gyms being closed. These devices double as a resistance machine for weight lifting, a personal trainer, and even live fitness classes for those that like to stay involved in aerobic activities.

These devices will work as more than just motivational tools. They can count reps and adjust the weight of the resistance when you can’t seem to push through that last rep.

Smart Plugs

The simplest smart device that you can buy will be the smart plug. These plugs are designed to plug into an existing outlet and connect to the home WiFi. From here, you can plug in your devices that aren’t smart with the purpose of making them work with the rest of the household.

If you love to use your wax warmer but often forget to turn it on throughout the day, using a smart plug will allow you to say a voice command or tap a button on your phone to get it going. If you leave the house and can’t remember if you left it on, just check your phone and turn it off from there if you did.

Smart Home Trends for 2021: What To Expect In The Future

Smart home trends are going to evolve as the tech gets smarter. Soon enough, every device you use will have an AI component to it to not only make your life easier but try and save you money in the process. Stay active though, as relying on too much technology without movement can lead to health issues.

If you want to learn specifics about ways to upgrade your house to a smart house, then be sure to check out the rest of Don’t Touch The Dial. Contact us if there are any smart home subjects you want to see.

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